Living in a smaller home or apartment often means sacrificing outdoor space. But just because you have a small deck or balcony doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful, functional area outside. Maximize your small outdoor living space to make an inviting oasis you can enjoy. Here are a few tips.

Choosing Furniture

Choose furniture that fits the space. Look for compact pieces designed specifically for smaller areas. Invest in foldable chairs, benches, or tables that can be easily stored when not in use. Choose multipurpose furniture – like a bench with storage or a coffee table that doubles as a planter. You’ll maximize your space without sacrificing functionality.

Maximize a Small Outdoor Living Space with Greenery

Greenery is a great way to incorporate color. Add potted plants, hanging baskets, or a vertical garden. Greenery contributes to a natural, peaceful environment that feels like an extension of your indoor living space. Plants add visual interest and texture to any area.

Keep it Minimal

Keeping things simple and minimal is best for a small outdoor space. Instead of trying to fit multiple furniture pieces into a tiny area, focus on one or two key elements to make an impact. For example, a small bistro table and chairs, a single bench, or a couple of outdoor floor cushions can create a cozy atmosphere in a small space. Keeping the design simple and uncluttered creates a spacious and open feel to your outdoor living area.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood or stone make a small outdoor space more inviting and cozy. Consider adding a small wooden deck, a stone pathway, or edging to define the space. Natural materials have a timeless appeal and will help create a warm atmosphere in your outdoor living area.

Think Vertically to Maximize a Small Outdoor Living Space

When you have limited horizontal space, think vertically. Use the walls and fences of your outdoor space to add trellises, planters, and hanging baskets. Add a small shelf or deck box to store gardening tools and outdoor accessories. Create a more organized and functional area by maximizing vertical space.


Lighting is essential for any outdoor living space, no matter how small. Use string lights or lanterns to add ambient lighting, and consider using lighting fixtures to create a focal point. Lighting allows you to enjoy the deck, balcony, or patio longer and helps a small area feel larger and more inviting.

A small outdoor living area doesn’t mean sacrificing style or functionality. Create a beautiful outdoor oasis where you’ll love spending time. Experiment with different design ideas and maximize your outdoor space.

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