Thermal imaging cameras can easily identify areas where heat is escaping the most. Once the leak is found it can be fixed in order to save on your energy bills.

Damaged Heating/Cooling Systems

The ability of thermal imagers to identify the temperature of objects without being in contact with them is a big plus when trying to analyze HVAC system performance. The ability to measure individual temperatures, or to do surveys of larger areas, allows the user to identify and isolate problem areas where system performance has been compromised.

Thermal imaging of compressor leaks from air conditioners. Faulty equipment will often exhibit significant differences in their actual performance from their rated performance. These differences can often be identified through changes in temperature that thermal imagers can identify.

Moisture or Leak Detection

Hidden problems can become expensive repairs when left undiscovered. Water leaking from pipes in a wall can cause serious damage and can even affect the structural integrity of a home. In most cases, these conditions remain undiscovered until serious damage has been done. However, these conditions can be easily identified using thermal imagers. Periodic inspections and surveys looking for temperature changes can identify when problems occur.

Electrical Hazards

In the same way that moisture and water leaks can be identified through changes in the temperature of a wall or structure, Hot Spots can also help identify issues with electrical hazards. The walls in your home have wires running through them. If the circuit is overloaded, or if some type of damage to the wiring has occurred, then hot spots can develop that if left unidentified can lead to fires or other serious conditions. We often do not realize these hazards because they are hidden from us. Thermal imagers can expose these hotspots, as the surface of the wall will have a different surface temperature compared to the rest of the wall. Once such points of failures are realized, you can take the appropriate action at the right time, averting scenarios like a fire.

Other Detection Capabilities

Thermal imagers can also detect conditions such as pests or erosion. The presence of animals or erosion can result in variations in the temperature of a wall when no other means of identification can. Detecting such occurrences are crucial when it comes to keeping your home safe and free from unwanted intrusions.